Hello there! I thought I’d start this welcome page by answering the two questions you are most likely to have right now: Who are you, and what is this blog for?

I’ll start with the easy one first. My name is Rachel, and I’m a project manager turned bullet journalist. While I have tried every type of application and software in the books, over the past few years I have discovered that nothing has worked as well as the bullet journal system.

That bring me to the second question: What is this blog for? Artisanal.ink is for people who struggle to be organized. In this digital age, there are a thousand online tools to help you get organized, but I have found that nothing will ever be as personal and flexible as journaling. Through trial and error I have found many different analogue systems, but none as forgivable and simple as bullet journaling.

While I’m still honing my system, I plan to share what I have learned about journaling and how it has improved my life. My hope is that it might answer some questions for other people who have tried everything and STILL CANT GET ORGANIZED. I hear you. I’ve been you. This blog is here to help! Please feel free to ask questions, make comments, or simply stop by!