How Journaling Can Help You and Your Partner Live A Better Life

Most people find journaling to be a very personal, often private activity, and usually they would be right. In the traditional sense, journaling is a way for people to let loose emotions and thoughts not intended for others. However in my relationship, we take a different approach. We like to discuss reflections with one another and apply to them to our lives.

For anyone who has tried bullet journaling, you have likely seen there are many different ways to use a journal for self-improvement. The most recent that I learned is called Level 10 Life. The concept originates from Hal Elrod’s book, Miracle Morning, but has been adapted for the journaling community by Boho Berry. The idea behind Level 10 Life is that you look into 10 key aspects of your life, rate them, and reflect on how you can improve the score. The 10 components are: family and friends, personal development, spirituality, finance, career, romance, fun and recreation, giving or contribution, physical environment, and finally, health and fitness. Kara, the writer of the magnificent Boho Berry blog, adapted this concept to the journal by adding 10 goals beneath each component. Last night I spent a good amount of time thinking through these and ended up with this:

This morning I woke up and asked my fiance if he would have any interest discussing my findings with me over breakfast. It evolved into a larger discussion about how he felt about his life, and how we could work together to improve together. Beneath each of the 10 components, I added notes for the things we wanted to work through (seen by the blue shaded squares). Soon after, we sat side by side and created a routine for ourselves including some habits from our list. (Routing depicted below).

It’s only day one, but taking the time to reflect together really helped us to see where we are lacking in our lives, and how easy small steps to improve truly are. It also had the added benefit of making us feel closer. With the hustle and bustle of life and the constant blare of screens, it’s hard to have uninterrupted time with people. Focusing on discussion and writing made a huge difference. I encourage everyone to consider discussing some of those personal entries with loved ones. It can help you improve your life in ways you may not have expected!

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