Hello Again!

If you’re here, you’ve likely read my little introduction on the first page, and for some strange reason, want to learn a bit more about me. Here goes nothing!

It’s hard to say exactly when I started. Most people would say a year ago, but honestly, I probably started much earlier in my life. I would argue that I started the moment I held my first journal in second grade.

When I was in skii school as a kid, I had an instructor who I really liked. I used to confide in him about all my childhood insecurities. He always listened and he was always kind. One day, he showed up and told me he had a gift for me. Out of his jacket he pulled out a journal. I still remember it today. It had the cat in the hat on the front, and a bunch of blank lined pages on the inside. He told me to write down my emotions. It was that day that my love for writing began.

From there I wrote in many journals. A fourth grade teacher introduced me to the beauty that is calligraphy and an art teacher taught me just how much I enjoyed creating. By the time I was in middle school, writing and drawing where my weapons of choice to combat the hardship that is puberty.

In 6th grade I joined a tshirt design contest for our gym class and won. I never thought that it would be the beginning of something much larger. I hadn’t thought twice about it until about a year ago.

Last year at around this time, I attended my very first pen show in San Francisco. I strolled around looking at vintage pens, modern pens, journals, inks, and pretty much everything else I could dream up. That day, I stopped by a booth called Itoya. I happened to be carrying around my journal, and a man at the booth asked to take a look. Within moments, we exchanged information, and for the next year I became a freelance artist in my down time.

About a month ago, that same man called me and asked if I would have any interest being an artist representing his company at a trade show in Vegas. I jumped on the opportunity (with a lot of support from my wonderful boyfriend), and found myself in a world of stationary supplies, teaching people how to use journals and showing off my artwork. Before I knew it, I was offered a new job in the industry I love.

Almost simultaneously, people started reaching out to me about my artwork. Before I knew it, there were people asking me to design them prints, stickers, and tshirts. I threw a few things together and put them on instagram. Much to my surprise, I actually sold them!

And now..now I’m here. Starting a new job. Building a new company on the side. Trying to navigate my way through vendors, trade shows, and so much more I could list them in an entirely new blog post. Here’s to taking risks and seeing where life takes me!